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Hey guys!  Let's do something unique and different, something that has never been done before and, if everyone participates, will be able to grab the attention of the entire BSC community!  

We have made 450 unique pieces of profile pictures for you.  Just choose any of them you like and use it as your Telegram profile picture.

With enough of us doing this, people will take notice.  Then we'll win their interest.  Then they'll visit our TG or our website and discover that Tikky Inu and its community are freaking awesome!  Then they'll join us too!

LET'S DO THIS GUYS!  Simply click on the image you fancy, then once the picture is magnified, right click on it and save to your device.  Then, from there, you can upload it as your Telegram profile picture.

(NOTE: complete collection only appears on desktop or laptop browsers)


Don't forget to use your chosen image as your Telegram Profile Picture!
Who knows, you might be eligible to win something really bi.... oops... I almost revealed something I shouldn't.

Anyway, thank you for believing, trusting and supporting Tikky Inu.
We can do this and we will do this because we are together!

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