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Welcome To Tikky Inu Academy,
a one-stop repository of information to help new crypto traders on their initial foray into this industry.  We present to you a series of videos that will guide you, step by step, on how you can start earning from crypto, with particular emphasis on how you can start earning from our TikTok 2 Earn application.

If you have never tried crypto before, please watch all of the videos is sequential order.  If you have basic knowledge about crypto trading, feel free to skip to the parts that you feel you need more acquaintance with.


What Is Crypto?

Before you can start earning from the Tikky Inu TikTok 2 Earn application, you will first need to have a basic understanding of how crypto works.  You will be paid in crypto, after all.  This is better than being paid with conventional fiat.  Crypto tokens can increase in value at unparalleled rates.  It is not completely impossible that your ten dollar earnings today will balloon into a hundred dollars by tomorrow.  Such is the speed by which profit is realized in this space.


Start Investing

The primary thing you should learn and accept is that cryptocurrency is an investment.  As such, you will have to put in some funds into this infrastructure before you can get the opportunity to earn.  Such is the spirit of trading after all.  You need to have something to trade with before you can leverage the same for increased value.


Creating Your Wallet

Just like in real life, your assets should be stored somewhere.  In crypto, they're stored in your wallet.  Creating your own wallet is both easy and free.  In this lesson, you will learn the simple steps you need to do to get a MetaMask wallet which is the most popular option of its kind today.


Funding Your Wallet

Your wallet should have initial funds for you can't trade in a vacuum.  Such funds don't have to be big.  A few dollars will suffice, especially for the purpose of earning from our TikTok 2 Earn application.


Using Pancakeswap

All the lessons so far have taught you how to trade on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.  The main trading platform in BSC is PancakeSwap.  In this lesson, you will learn how to swap your BNBs for the initial Tikky Inu tokens you will need to participate in our program.


Earning From Tikky Inu

This is it!  You've been armed with the basics you need to know to start earning from our app!  Now it's time to learn how to use the app itself.  Watch the video.  Follow the simple rules.  Create your content.  Upload on TikTok.  Have fun.  Profit!

Crypto Can Be A Very Intimidating New World For Anyone.

But you're never alone in your journey.  We're here to help you, every step of the way!

If you still have questions that the videos above have failed to answer, you can ask us directly and we'll be more than happy to guide you.  We're all friends here, united by a common goal, so don't hesitate to approach us.

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